Camp Ministries

Each summer children and young people from across Mexico go to camp with Adventures in Life. These weeks are perfect weeks for groups to plug into. Whether it is helping a young person with an art project, or helping a child learn a Bible verse, individuals and groups can help change a life by being part of our staff at either our Vocational or Outreach Camps.

Health Clinics

Since 2010, more than 12,000 people from Oaxaca have come to our clinics for health care. Each year AIL Ministry facilitates four medical/dental/vision clinics across the various regions of the state. Working alongside local doctors, we have plenty of opportunities for people to join us. Click the link to see our current 2023 details, dates and locations...

Men's Ministry

Every February men from around the US and Mexico join us in Mexico for a week of project ministry. Our Men's Team works hard at one our summer camp ministry sites. Our 2024 team will be working in Guadalajara. This week is a place where guys can really plug in, serve and make a real Kingdom investment that'll help change a young person's life. Get the details...

Where We Serve

AIL Ministry has a series of longstanding ministry partnerships in Ensenada, Guadalajara and Oaxaca. This gives you some incredible mission opportunities whether you are leading a team, or are an individual. Each location offers different types of oppotunities for both individuals and groups. Read More.

Partner with AIL Ministry

We need you! No ministry can thrive and grow without a group of people committed to both prayer and financial support. Whether it is joining us for a week in Mexico, monthly support, making health care in Oaxaca possible or providing clean water for a family, it all happens through your partnership with us. Click here to join...

Adventure News

Want to know more? Subscribe to the Monday Mission Moment! It's a weekly note from our Executive Director Dave Miller with up to date info on what's happening with AIL Ministry as well as his thoughts on ministry, our faith walk and of course, missions!

About Us

Adventures in Life Ministry began serving in Mexico in 1992 with a simple mission... to get people out of their comfort zones so they could impact others and see how God would use them. 

Starting north of Ensenada in La Mision, we concentrated on helping new churches get a safe worship center. In 1996 we started working in Guadalajara and Nayarit. Our next stop was Oaxaca and from there, Sinaloa.

Today we still work with many of the same partners we started with years ago. That's one of the benefits we bring to the missions table. Years of relationships with the local church that enables us to provide you and your church a quality mission experience in Mexico.

And it is through those relationships that we can offer...

short term mission with long term impact!

Our Story

Mexico Missions. Those two words strike fear in the hearts of many people when they think of effective missions. Yet that is what we are about!

But serving with Adventures in Life is not your typical short term mission experience.

That’s because when you serve with us, you enter into the more than 25 year old relationship we have with Mexico. That includes the churches with whom we work, the ministry partners we serve and our almost unequaled understanding of the local customs and culture.

We were founded in October of 1992 and hosted our first short term teams the next month in La Misión, Baja California, Mexico. On a weekend mission in November, we had 25 people from the US and another 25 people from Mexico serving with us. 


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