Mexico Missions.

Those two words strike fear in the hearts of many people when they think of effective missions. Yet that is what we are about!

But serving with Adventures in Life is not your typical short term mission experience.

That’s because we are not project based. We focus on people.

We are a holistic ministry that addresses not just the spiritual health of people, but their physical and economic health as well. And because of our more than 25 years of experience and relationships with people in Mexico, you can be sure you won't just be "painting a wall" or digging a ditch for the tenth time.

That's because your ministry with us will connect you to real people, real ministry, real churches in a way that empowers you to make a real difference, helping locals be more effective at reaching Mexico for Christ.

Founded in October of 1992, AIL has worked in the same areas, with the same leaders for years. That is the difference when you serve with Adventures in Life. Not only are we holistic in how we think, we believe in relationships. And when you serve with us, you enter into those relationships that we have built over years of serving in Mexico. Relationships that include the churches with whom we work, the ministry partners we serve with and our almost unequaled understanding of the local customs and culture.

Adventures in Life Ministry...

short term mission... long term impact!