Ensenada, Baja California

This is where AIL Ministry started, 1992. Helping the local church get a place to worship was our focus in those early. Like a lot of ministries, we were focused on building. Today our ministry strives to help equip our local partners for more effective ministry to the people they serve. Ensenada is a great place for groups and teams to get an introductory mission experience, work hard, serve and be a blessing to the local church.

Contact us for availability, to schedule a team, a visit or a to join us!
Guadalajara, Jalisco

We've worked in the Guadalajara area since 1996. Today many of our ministry partnerships span our 20 years in this city.

We stay in homes, travel on local busses, walk the streets and experience first hand the day to day life and culture of this incredibly cosmopolitan city. And those experiences are what give us the ability to connect with the local people in a way few short term programs can deliver.

In this area our work is closely connected to a group of small churches working to reach their neighborhoods for Jesus. It is a perfect ministry location for a slightly more mature individual or group desiring something closer to the heart and culture of Mexico. To join us in Guadalajara, drop us a line for more info!
Oaxaca City, Oaxaca
In 2008 AIL Ministry made the decision to focus more intentionally on Oaxaca. Oaxaca is the cultural heart of the indigenous people of Mexico. With 16 distinct people groups in this state, ministry can be incredibly difficult. Add in more than 150 different languages and you've got one of the most challenging ministry locations in all of Mexico.

Ministry in Oaxaca in very different. The cultural intelligence necessary to serve this area with millions of underreached people and no bibles in any indigenous language cannot be underestimated. Through an eclectic network of church, government and secular leaders, AIL has developed a reputation as a ministry that truly cares for people. It really is the leading edge of ministry and mission in Mexico. For more info, or to serve with us, contact us here!