AIL Ministry Vocational Camp

Adventures in Life believes that a healthy, balanced life depends not just on spirittual health, but physical and economic health too. That's why each year in Oaxaca and Guadalajara we have a week of Vocational Camp for students and young adults.

Our disciplines include photography, fine arts, gastronomy and agricultural science. Kids come and get to work and learn alongside professionals in those areas from both the US and Mexico.

The day starts early with prayer and breakfast and then our students spend their day learning and practicing new skills in this unique hands on approach to incarnational ministry. There are no altar calls, no Bible studies, no preaching, no organized recreation. Just a week of learning with some incredible artists, photographers, chefs and farmers.

To make this special week work, we need your help. If you are a working professional or teacher in our areas of emphasis, or perhaps have another skill that could be part of our Vocational Camp, you can help make this week special.

And then if those areas are not your strong suit, you can join our logistics team and be a behind the scene hero, helping make the week possible for an incredible group of young people.

Want to experience a different type of ministry?

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