Date… October 19 - 26, 2019
Location… San Blas Atempa and San Mateo del Mar, Oaxaca
Details… This year is our first Medical Clinic Week in this part of Oaxaca. This is the area that was devastated by the massive 8.1 earthquake of 2017 and where AIL and Dave Miller worked extensively to help people during that time get clean, fresh water.

We need doctors, nurses, intake personnel, translators and hair stylists as we serve among both the Huave and Zapotec people groups. Contact us now for cost and how to get involved in this upcoming ministry.
Date… January 4 - 9, 2020
Location… Eloxochitlán, Sierra Mazateca, Oaxaca

Details… Since 2015, AIL has served in this area, high above Oaxaca City. Eloxochitlán serves as a hub for a number of smaller communties here and our annual clinic serves almost 150 people a day.

We need primary care physicians, nurses, physical therapy professionals and hair stylists as we seek to serve in one of the most economically challenged areas of Oaxaca.
Date… February 22 - 29, 2020
Location… Tlacolula, San Baltazar and San Pedro Amatlán, Oaxaca
Details… This ministry serves multiple communities. Tlacolula is the business center of the eastern valley around Oaxaca. From there we serve the communities of both Tlacolula and San Baltazar. Wednesday of the week is a free day in Oaxaca City before heading south to the Amatlán Mountains and the towns of San Pedro and San Luis. 

Diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic pain, especially in the knees, and severe allergy and respiratory issues are seen in each of the villages we serve on this particular mission.

Note... AIL Ministry believes strongly in local leadership. As such, on all our medical missions, we work closely with Mexican doctors, dentists and pharmacies to insure culturally appropiate and effective medical treatment.

To join any of our medical teams, contact us here for costs and more information. 

See the story on us from El Universal that has been featured on MSN News, Yahoo and other news organizations across the US and Mexico.