Mexico Missions. Those two words strike fear in the hearts of many people when they think of effective missions. Yet that is what we are about!

But serving with Adventures in Life is not your typical short term mission experience.

That’s because when you serve with us, you enter into the more than 25 year old relationship we have with Mexico. That includes the churches with whom we work, the ministry partners we serve and our almost unequaled understanding of the local customs and culture.

We were founded in October of 1992 and hosted our first short term teams the next month in La Misión, Baja California, Mexico. On a weekend mission in November, we had 25 people from the US and another 25 people from Mexico serving with us. That set a direction for AIL Ministry that continues to this day. 

AIL believes effective mission happens when the people we serve are equal partners in the direction we are going and what we do on the field.

It is this belief in local leadership that sets us apart from other short term mission opportunities. Based on the goals and objectives of all participants, we empower our local host receivers to lead, make decisions and craft effective ministry strategies based on their years of experience in the field.

From the moment you contact us, you are dealing with people with a generation of experience in Mexico. We don't recruit you and send you out. We serve right alongside you because are helping us in our mission to reach the "heart of Mexico" with the Gospel.

Whether you are serving in Ensenada, Guadalajara or Oaxaca, you can be sure AIL Ministry is not your typical Mexico Missions experience.

Adventures in Life Ministry...
short term mission... long term impact!